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CaDDANZ Project Briefs


Feb 2019 Brief No.1 - The New Zealand Atlas of Population Change: N.Jackson & L.Brabyn 

Feb 2019 Brief No.2 - The 'Cultural Generation Gap' in NZ Regions: M.Cameron 

Mar 2019 Brief No.3 - International ESOL Students' Sense of School Belonging, Inclusion and Wellbeing: J.Terruhn 

Apr 2019 Brief No.4 - Visualising Auckland's Superdiversity: P.Spoonley & R.Didham (with S.Vertovec, D.Herbert & A.Gamlen) 

Apr 2019 Brief No.5 - 'Seeing Diversity' in Organisations: What are the Challengers?: G.Stone & R.Peace 

Sept 2019 Brief No.6 - 'Valuing Cultural Diversity of New Zealand Cities': David C. Maré, Motu and Jacques Poot, University of Waikato 

Dec 2019 Brief No.7 - 'Māori Heterogeneity in Regional Aotearoa New Zealand: An Exploratory Study' 


Oct 2020 Brief No.8 - Meanings and experiences of community among older adult residents of Northcote: G.J.Ran, T.Cain, J.Irvine & J.Terruhn, Massey University 

Oct 2020 Brief No.9 - Living with diversity Negotiating difference in Northcote: T.Cain, J.Terruhn, G.J.Ran & J.Irvine, Massey University 

Oct 2020 Brief No.10 - Aging and wellbeing in Northcote: J.Irvine, G.J.Ran, J.Terruhn & T.Cain, Massey University 

Oct 2020 Brief No.11 - Urban regeneration and community building in Northcote: J.Terruhn, J.Irvine, T.Cain, & G.J.Ran, Massey University